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gba tattoo edition anyone?

cross posted from the kansascity community:

i've still got that game boy, and i found somebody who's selling a bass guitar for $85, so i'd like to get at least that much out of it, if i can. it's the game boy system (tattooed, tribal markings on a silver system), super mario three, and sonic advance two. nothing's wrong with it, just usual play wear scuffs and crap. if you can do $95 that'd be awesome, but will settle for $85 lowest if need be.

since it's likely that no one here is from kck or near here, i can't really accept payment aside from something like western union. shall look up shipping rates, it would probably bump the price up to $95-$105, as compared to the previous $85-95. haven't shipped anything heavier than a cd before, so i'll need help with judgement in amount for shipping.

i'm not a scammer, i'm honestly needing the money... but i can't ship unless i have payment from you, and western union is about the fastest way that can likely happen.

would like to sell it tomorrow. comment here, im at fictionaldestiny on aim/i_feel_only_air on yahoo/immortal.nocturne at hotmail. com on msn, or email at immortal.nocturne at gmail. com. if i'm away on messenger, i'll get your message in the morning when i wake up, so leave a form of contact.

thanks for your time, and i'm sorry if i've wasted any of it.
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