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New member - My love affair with the gameboy!

I had a gameboy for eons. I first started on the path to gaming nirvana with the original gameboy and a copy of tetris. A couple years later...I got a multi-cart for the gameboy from Hong Kong with Ninja Turtles and Mortal Kombat on it. After a couple of years gaming with the multi-carts, I went on to the infamous GameGear and Mortal Kombat II. When Pokemon came out for the gameboy, I had to get was such a new concept at the time - catching and raising animals for battling. (I'm surprised that the PETA hasn't said anything about Pokemon yet.) And then life interfered with gaming...

I got back into the game boy frenzy when Pokemon Gold came out. I shelled out a hundred bucks for a new console, and thirty dollars for PKMN Gold. I missed out on the PKMN ruby and sapphire movement, as I refused to buy a "new" console to play it. I was lucky, as a couple of months passed by, and the new improved SP was released. A couple of months passed by, and I broke down and bought a gba SP Onyx (black)...I wanted the silver color, but damn - Walmart didn't have one in stock. Finally, I caught up on all the new games that I missed...

During the Nintendo DS crash of '05, I purchased another GBA console. It was the silver color that I wanted and it was used. During this time, the battery was drained and refused to keep a charge for any amount of time. I braved the christmas crowds to find a new battery, and now the console works perfectly!

During this time, I made a spliced USB cable for the gba. It was to power the console, as I was always near a computer...and also discovered a new stop for cheap games. It was Sam's Club. I dislike Costco for their games section as they are in a security case so you cannot see the back of the games. Sam's Club uses a plastic shell as a security you can read the blurb on the back...

I am now a proud owner of a gba flash-cart for these reasons:
1) Can test games before purchase. Did this with Fire Emblem and Pokemon Emerald.
2) I write's easier to keep different saves on the PC than on the cart itself.

Games I'm Currently Crazy About:
1) Riviera: The Promised Land
2) Wario Ware Inc
3) Final Fantasy 4

Notice a lack of Pokemon? I've gotten sick of it!

So, let's swoon over gba games and stuff!
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i love my little gameboy.
he's such a good little guy.